OptiBac ‘For those on antibiotics’ in Woman’s Way magazine

You just can’t keep OptiBac Probiotics out of the press!

The latest of OptiBac’s products to be featured is ‘For those on antibiotics’ which has been given a mention in Woman’s Way magazine.

Woman’s Way magazine shows its readers the way to good intestinal health


After a couple of courses of antibiotics, the magazine’s Staff Editor thought her gut flora might need a helping hand to get back on track, so opted for an OptiBac Probiotics product.

‘I’ve had two antibiotics so far this year and felt the good bacteria in my stomach must have taken a battering. So I decided to look for something to give them a little boost,’ said Staff Ed, Louise.

This product can be used by those who are currently taking a short course of antibiotics, as it containsLactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell-11, very hardy strains of live cultures selected for their ability to survive to reach the gut alive even when taken alongside antibiotic medication.



OptiBac is available online and from all good pharmacies

The Women’s Way article said that the ‘Antibiotic therapy can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria causing side effects like thrush and diarrhoea. However, studies show that taking a probiotic alongside antibiotic treatment significantly reduces the risk of side effects and helps maintain normal digestion and immunity.’