NocoSpray. Complete Disinfection Technology

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) in healthcare facilities, flu epidemics in schools and creches, and Norovirus outbreaks in long-term care centres are harmful to the people who contract them and damaging to the healthcare system financially. Spore-forming bacteria such as C. difficile are particularly hard to eradicate from contaminated areas leading to recurring illness and repeated outbreaks.

Nocospray is an easy to use compact portable disinfection system that prevents the spread of disease and deadly pathogens.

The patented dispersion technology disinfects all hard surfaces achieving >6 log (99.9999%) reduction of infectious organisms including Clostridium difficile (C. diff), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Norovirus. These solutions are safe for the disinfection of hospitals, long-term care facilities and schools.

picture1-nsEasy to Use – Quick two-step process is easy to learn and operate. Ready-to-use disinfection solution requires no mixing.

Supports Compliance – Lightweight unit (5.8 kg) is easy to operate, transport and store and promotes facility-wide Infection Control and Housekeeping requirements.

6-Log Kill – Achieves 6-log reduction (99.9999% kill rate) against multiple pathogens – This kill rate is generally considered sterilisation.

Transportable – Portable and robust standalone system disinfects any enclosable environment and requires only a single healthcare worker to operate.

Effective Treatment – Enables healthcare facilities to offer better patient care in a healthier environment and take preventative measures to control hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Cost-Effective Disinfection – Helps control overhead expenditures by improving productivity and preventing costly outbreaks.

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