CSZ Patient Temperature Systems

Norm-O-Temp® Hyperthermia System

The Norm-O-Temp® is a whole body hyperthermia system that allows conductive warming therapy to be administered. CSZ_normoterm_gelliroll-overview-3It can be used in the operating room, pre-op, recovery, emergency department and when paired with the Gelli-Roll® makes the perfect Temperature Management device for your OR.

  • Cost-effective heat therapy system
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Helps maintain normothermia

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More targeted temperature management


  • Reusable Gelli-Roll blanket
  • 2 years use v’s single use competitors
  • Pre-warming feature
  • Compact size helps save space
  • 2 Blanket connections
  • Easy to use interface

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Gel pad water blanket warming was more effective in maintaining normothermia after cardiac anesthesia compared with convective warming. This can be considered an advantage as the gel pad system is easy to use and quiet. Gel pad warming has replaced underbody convective warming during cardiac anesthesia at our institution.
[/quote]Charles E. Smith M.D.
MetroHealth Medical Center
ASA Poster, November 2009

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The Gelli-Roll® combines comfort with the ability to warm or cool your patient”]

The revolutionary and simple-to-use Gelli-Roll® combines patient temperature management and comfort. The Gelli-Roll® is a reusable water blanket encapsulated in Akton® polymer. It may be used before, during, or after surgery to effectively keep your patient normothermic.

Less Air Movement in the Operating RoomCSZ_normoterm_gelliroll-overview-5

Many medical professionals are looking for ways to cut costs and eliminate environmental impact. In most cases, the Gelli-Roll® pays for itself in a matter of months.

  • Allows better access to the patient then blankets
  • Easy to clean with disinfectants
  • Reduces set-up and breakdown time
  • Supports most patients, infant to adult

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